Cops with guns on my street

I arrived home recently to find three cop cars parked outside my place.  Oh dear, had my cat, left at home by herself, been naughty?  But no, the cop cars, and the semi-automatics, and the hand guns in sheaths, and the tasers, were not about my place, they were because my neighbours down the road […]

Fifty years in Aotearoa

I would never have got in now Reflections on 50 years of living in New Zealand It was shockingly easy to get into New Zealand in September 1972.  I basically just wafted my passport at the immigration people and there I was: to all intents and purposes a newly minted New Zealander. Can you imagine […]

Gloriavale (again)

It is perhaps very apt that the first column on my new blog should be about Gloriavale.  I seem to have been on about them half my life. It is 20 years or more since I started writing about Gloriavale, and ten since I challenged the Education Review Office on the positive reviews it kept […]

Going to the White House

My favourite fictional book series is about the St Mary’s Institute of historical research, features history and time travel, and is set vaguely in the future and often in the past. A bunch of eccentric historians bounce around the timeline witnessing history first hand, and trying not to change it. Clever and hilarious. Its treatment […]