Hgh density housing for the poor – a mistake we may bitterly regret

Ghettos come in many forms.  What they have in common is three things: They squeeze people into spaces which are either too small or badly designed; They are populated with people who live there because they cannot afford to be anywhere else; and Over time, and sometimes right from the start, that are massively under-serviced […]

Booze and Rugby

I loathe rugby with the same passion that so many Kiwis love it.  I hate the thuggery I have seen on the sports news, the ear biting, eye gouging, testicle squeezing and all the fisticuffs and other bully boy stuff.  The shots in the dressing room where they are already downing beer from a bottle […]

Urban decline in Auckland and the election of a new Mayor

I have not been in Auckland much over the past few years for obvious reasons. I love Auckland, and I was looking forward to a short tip there that included both business and pleasure.  It is a place I know quite well from my numerous trips there. But I fear that the city, poorly planned […]