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It’s a bit like bacon.  There are plenty of pigs in Aotearoa yet when you get to the supermarket, 90% of the bacon sold there comes from Canada or Denmark.  Why do we import bacon/ pigs?  Why also do we import hate speech when we have so much of our own going on?

Posie Parker thinks she knows what a woman is.  She is attempting to re-define womanhood back to the dark days of the 1950s, when we were chained to the kitchen after marriage, often by law (not the chains, but the lack of alternatives).

Why Posie wants to sell the hard won freedoms she has, and which were given to her on the backs of the struggle of former generations, I do not know.  Of course, the freedoms she now enjoys to flaunt herself around the world in some kind of grotesque Marilyn Monroe mimicry, apparently leaving her hubbie and kids at home, are carefully ignored.

I must say I thought those attracted to Albert Park to protest on Saturday were remarkably restrained.  It was a protest in the best sense of the style we like in NZ.  Throwing food, in the egg-at-the-Queen model, or, in this case, tomato juice (an inspired choice, I thought) is very us.

And the protestors reminded me of the early days of the Springbok tour – passionate, idealistic, non-violent but keen to have their say.

There are other similarities to the Springbok tour, too, in that everyone knew that a decision to bring the apartheid South African rugby team here in 1981 would lead to extraordinary protest, but the decision was made to do so.  And protest ensued.

So Posie came, she saw and she… scuttled back early to the other side of the world expressing her outrage at…. us???

She came to disrupt, and even though she was defeated in her ability to spread her hate speech like too-thick marmite around the country, unfortunately she will inevitably make things worse here. What a dangerous, antagonistic, grumbly nation we have become.  And so angry.  Where does it all come from?  Can it be healed?

It is a sad truth that the Posies of the world do not even have to turn up on our shores to disrupt our lives. They have all the access they need via the internet.

It is a happy truth that, when they do come, the victims of hate are motivated enough to get out on a Saturday afternoon and pour a litre of tomato juice on the hate-person’s head.  I hope it was the spicy kind.

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  1. Is this a left winger, or a right winger speaking?
    “These angry kids, why are they angry at us and not their government? Why aren’t they angry at global corporates that are taking over everything, undemocratically, unelected; powerful people that are stealing these kids’ futures.”
    This is verbatim from Posie Parker’s self-recorded live stream from the car she was in driving towards the Albert Park rotunda today.

    1. Blimey, PP as a left winger. You have to be joking. However, nice to hear from you after all these years.

  2. I cannot really make out whether she is anti-trans, really. Trans people are fine with me BUT no person with a penis, transitioning or not should occupy womens’ spaces, that includes prisons. They are not women END OF STORY.

    There is too much barmy stuff about this being said right now, the whole business of ‘chest feeding’ removing ‘breast’ what garbage is this. No man can give birth that is a fact. A woman transitioning to be a man can give birth providing they still have a uterus. If not no a man cannot give birth.

    I think of all the appalling stuff that is going on in Aotearoa and the energy being put into this frankly makes me angry.

  3. Strong arguments Liz! Three paragraphs in and you are criticisising Posie Parker’s appearance. But even two paragraphs in you are misconstruing her stance almost entirely. Why did you do this? Why wouldn’t you have found out what someone is doing before committing yourself to print? Perhaps your arguments are based on the provocative and inflammatory and almost entirely incorrect rhetoric of the Green Party missive to the party faithful. https://www.greens.org.nz/kellie_jay_keen_minshull It is their toxic portrayal of someone, who is after all a women’s rights activist, which has shaped the subsequent media coverage. Perhaps you simply made it up to get down with the cool kids since your assertions are unevidenced.

    1. Thanks. Not really. No. No. No. No. I have not seen that link. It is a blog. Thank you for your interest.

  4. Liz, your article offers an insightful analysis of the current situation regarding the import of hate speech into New Zealand. It’s fascinating how you draw parallels between the import of bacon/pigs and the infiltration of hate speech, highlighting the need to question why we allow external sources to exacerbate existing internal issues. The comparison to the 1981 Springbok tour protests is also thought-provoking and serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up against injustices, even when they originate from outside one’s own country. It’s both disheartening and inspiring to see how hate speech can motivate individuals to take a stand and fight back. Thanks for sharing your perspective and prompting readers to reflect on the root causes of anger and division within society. On that note, I’d like to ask: what do you think are the main factors contributing to the rise in anger and division in our society?

    1. Lack of education, lack of skills in self advocacy, provocateurs like PP stoking anger for anger’s sake, the rise of extreme rightist politics…

  5. Question Liz,
    Did you make the title of your blog ‘New Zealand’ instead of Aotearoa to reference a rightist view?

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