About Insight Aotearoa

I have been writing online for years and years.  Until recently, I contributed a popular weekly blog for the Daily Blog.  As basically the only women regular blogger there, I felt a bit like a fish out of water.   So I thought I would develop my own space, to share with my friends and all writers with an interest in current affairs, politics, social policy, women and society.

Contributions from all are welcome, although, as not all writings are equal, I reserve the right to accept or reject contributions.  I will always give you feedback.

I am particularly interested in hearing from students and academics who want to publish in a non-competitive, public environment.  I have always been a strong advocate and practitioner of the ‘critic and conscience’ role of the universities. However, if you want to talk research, make it short, pithy and exciting.

There seem to be very few women writing regular blogs, and I am looking for some opinionated women with excellent ideas for fixing the country. Be newsmakers.  Help make a difference!

And anyone else who can contribute great writing to Insight Aotearoa – just send through your proposals or even fully written blogs.

Liz Gordon