Board of trustee rules not up to supremacist challenge

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Philip Arps is probably Christchurch’s best known white supremacist.  He spent time in prison after distributing a video of the murderous rampage of two Christchurch Mosques.  He is famous for wanting to add crosshairs to that video and a ‘kill count’.  (If you don’t know what that means, you are better off not knowing).

And rumour is (it is not public until midway through next week) that he is standing for the Board of Te Aratai, formerly Linwood College, in the upcoming elections.

I can remember boards of trustees being introduced by the Tomorrow’s Schools Act of 1989. “If you can run one of these”, parents were told in the ads, showing a child, “you can run one of these”, showing a school. Don’t ask me how I remember this after 33 years. Some things just stick.

I am afraid that the rules have not moved on to reflect more complex and contested times. The rules have essentially become the domain of the School Trustees Association, a group that does not like change.

So there is nothing in the rules about being of good character.  There are no child safety or child wellbeing protections and no safeguards against extremist parents.  It is Democracy Unshackled.

Since coming out of prison on the Mosque charges, Arps has been involved in anti-mandate and anti-vax protests which have got him arrested on several occasions. He even got banned from Wellington for a weekend, and it takes a lot to get kicked out of our capital city. There is no hope that he has changed. He is still an extremist activist with a focus on tearing down rather than building a good society.

Two of his children attend Te Aratai, formerly Linwood, College. None of this is their fault.  You cannot choose the parents you get. Te Aratai College is a brand new school aiming to build its community once again in the neighbourhood, having been exiled due to the earthquakes for a number of years.

The school wants to fly.  It wants to win back students from its communities.  It wants to be up there with the best.  I cannot imagine a worse fate than having to deal with a white supremacist on the board. The sort of person who delivers pig’s heads to Mosques and wants kill counts on videos.  Anti mask, anti-mandate, refuses to be tested. Hates the government.

This week it goes public.  There is sure to be a very large kerfuffle (but you read it here first). And I am not worried about the outcome.  With nine very robust applicants for five places, Arps will not be elected.

But what I want to say is that, if ever all parents were equal – “a parent is a parent and all can run schools”, this is no longer the case. The divisions in our community now mean that people with really unsafe views can end up running schools. How do you think you’d feel if you were the parent of a Muslim child, even a child whose family was a victim of the massacre, attending that school?

In our more divided society, we need our boards of trustees (if we must have them – I have always been opposed to the model) to be pro-social, culturally engaged with all the groups that live in our cities, tolerant, problem-solving and anti-abusive.

Sorry, Philip Arps, you do not met the criteria. And, sorry, School Trustees Association and the government, you need to urgently turn your attention to bringing in child and community friendly standards for board members. It should have happened years ago.

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  1. You’re a dumb c*nt for some useful idiot holding a doctorate?
    You might want to get your facts right within the kikery you spewed.
    Seems you are fully behind the failed woke experiment of division via alien immigrants and mass third world immigration,each to their own you bigoted government twat.

    Follow me on Gab,I’m following you now.

      1. Hi Phil. I am quite interested, though, in your strategy. What are your goals in standing for the Te Aratai Board of Trustees? Is it to bring the whole thing down, or are you looking to lead a different sort of change? I would be interested to hear your views.

    1. Interesting, Phil. All the best for your election on the Board of Trustees. I trust you will be a great moral compass for students and young individuals. Eeeekk, Minister Hipkins?

      1. Hipkins and all those politicians from now and then are all in my sights,don’t tell that spin lizzard Dr gorgon tho.

  2. Hi Phil. Yes, yes name-calling blah blah…. This is serious business. I really want to know your take on why you are standing for the BOT of Te Aratai College. Are you intending to disrupt the running of the school? Surely not, your children go there! Is this just an anti-vax thing, or do you want to make it a white-only school, or what?

      1. Silly old govt twat,I was jailed for pointing out many inadequacies in your govt narrative from day one.
        They really stuffed up when muslims said I was at alnoor and police saying a car the same as mine with a similar number plate were there that day.

        I’ll answer any questions you put forward to me once you respond to my three questions.

        Why were you kicked of the PILLARS Board?
        What was the political bigotry over that you wrote when on that Board?
        How many times have you and your associates viewed Tarrants govern’mental masterpiece?

        Time you useful idiots were schooled ae.

        1. Hiya again Phil.

          1. I was not kicked off the Pillars Board.
          2. My legacy there was sixteen years of research on the effects of parental imprisonment on children. I am very proud of that research.
          3. No, I have no interest in the writings of mass murderers. That man killed 51 people and ruined his own life in the process.

          I have answered your three questions. Please let me know why you are standing for the Te Aratai Board and what you hope to achieve.

  3. Spot the real fascists, Remember the famous Communist cry at protests
    “This is what Democracy looks like” – only for some it seems.
    Poor Phil , according to this author he has less value as a person because he is the wrong colour and he is a member of the patriarchy.
    Liz is quick to point out things from the past that Phil has since taken his lumps for by the Just-us system, this hit piece is another classic example of what Cyberbullying looks like,
    communists like you Liz want ‘Hate Speech’ laws – beware of the unintended consequences

    1. Hi Harry. You ascribe a lot of things to me that I have never said or believed. I am interested only in whether someone who holds particular disruptive views should be able to stand for a school board. If he is a parent wanting the best for his children and all the other children at the school, that is fine. But that’s not the case, is it. Your comment is irrelevant and I will not post it.

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