We need more balance in our response to Russia/Ukraine

In the last few days much has been said about a New Zealand soldier on leave from the NZ Defence Force who went to fight in someone else’s war and lost his life. Despite it being illegal, according to the Defence Force, for him to be there whilst on unpaid leave the New Zealand Defence […]

Farming the Elderly for their life savings and government subsidies

It’s good to see the Retirement Commissioner investigating companies running retirement villages. We need a similar investigation into the actual care for those at the end of their life in retirement homes. All rest homes and aged residential care facilities are certified and audited to ensure they: provide safe, appropriate care for their resident.  Sounds […]

Sporting authority

I am enjoying the Commonwealth games.  For the first time ever, there are more women participants than men.  The number of men or women is always regulated by the kind of sports included and the opportunities thus generated. The Commonwealth has, for the first time, gone gender inclusive.  Go, you! Since the cycling scandals of […]