Move to the right sees shrinkage of women in local body politics

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I am sorry but I don’t have the time to go through and count the number of women on elected Councils around the country.  I am sure someone will do this.

But here in Christchurch we have seen a move not only rightwards but manwards.  As well as a male mayor, the number of women on Council has dropped from 6 to 5 (7 to 5 including the mayor). That gives a female participation rate of just 29%.

On the regional Council (ECan), there is now only three women among 14 elected members. The two new Maori seats are also both held by men. That gives a participation rate of just 18.75% for women.

How is it in your city or town? Is this election a victory not only for the right but also for men? Except in Wellington, of course, with the amazing Tory Whanau winning the Mayoralty, and, as far as I can see, around half the councillors elected are women.

I would like to see the day that women hold up half the sky in all elections, not because of any special treatment or dealings, but just because we live in a fair and equal country.  Oh to dream!

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  1. I am horrified that National MP Nuk Korako, he of the ‘lost luggage bill’ in Parliament is now on ECAN. This is a man who we all know supports policies that are directly against the fight for good climate change action.

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