A very New Zealand protest

It’s a bit like bacon.  There are plenty of pigs in Aotearoa yet when you get to the supermarket, 90% of the bacon sold there comes from Canada or Denmark.  Why do we import bacon/ pigs?  Why also do we import hate speech when we have so much of our own going on? Posie Parker […]

Gloriavale (again)

It is perhaps very apt that the first column on my new blog should be about Gloriavale.  I seem to have been on about them half my life. It is 20 years or more since I started writing about Gloriavale, and ten since I challenged the Education Review Office on the positive reviews it kept […]

Going to the White House

My favourite fictional book series is about the St Mary’s Institute of historical research, features history and time travel, and is set vaguely in the future and often in the past. A bunch of eccentric historians bounce around the timeline witnessing history first hand, and trying not to change it. Clever and hilarious. Its treatment […]